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Dogwood Canyon, Part II

The Path through Dogwood Canyon continues…


This week’s photos highlight a little chapel, located at the beginning of the trail just on the other side of last week’s covered bridge.

After the chapel, we rode our bikes past waterfalls, over bridges and close to dogwood trees.

Don’t forget to check out next week’s BLOG for the FINAL LEG OF OUR JOURNEY…WILDLIFE!

Glenda Brehm

NOTE: My husband, Dan, took most of these pictures as I am too busy having fun riding my bike through the park.


A little chapel with a huge window at the front, framing a waterfall.

Segway Tours


We chose to bike through the canyon.


More biking…


Dogwood Canyon is full of beautiful bridges.


Another beautiful bridge…


Waterfalls in the creek


Waterfalls flowing off the cliffs


Dogwood trees


More dogwoods

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Cold Springs Nature Trail, Picture #4

Cold Springs #4.JPG

Another small waterfall amid pines, firs and wildflowers.

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Meandering along the Cold Springs Nature Trail, Picture #3

It’s always fun meeting new people on the trail. These two ladies were the only other ones we saw the morning my husband and I hiked the Cold Springs Nature Trail. We took turns passing each other while pausing every so often to gaze upon the beauty of nature.DSC_0048

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Cold Springs Nature Trail, Picture #1

Yes! My husband and I were able to enjoy a stroll along the Cold Springs Nature Trail this week. This trail is located in the remote Mineral King Region of Sequoia National Park, part of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Central California.

It did not disappoint! This two-mile path rambled along through fields of wildflowers and hugged the East Fort of the Kaweah River, where several small, rushing waterfalls helped to make our day special.

During the rest of this month, I will feature a different picture of this magnificent nature trail and pair it with a praise to the Creator who makes all nature beautiful! Enjoy!


Aspens & Wildflowers along the Cold Springs Nature Trail in Sequoia National Park

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The LORD is my shepherd


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Teddy Bear Cholla


This photo was taken in the Arizona Desert on Route 66 near Oatman, Arizona. I located a picture of this same plant on a website regarding desert life. Near as I can tell, this cactus is classified as Cylindropuntia bigelovii, but more affectionately called “Teddy Bear Cholla.”

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Cactus Flowers


Photo taken in the Arizona Desert on Route 66 near Oatman, Arizona. (March 2016)

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Big Baldy Ridge, Part 3

Pussy paws

Pussy paws

Because it was early spring when we embarked upon our hike, mountain wildflowers were in abundance. Light pink pussy paws, resembling little fluffy cotton balls, sprouted from the rocky ground. Tiny, bright yellow wildflowers, attached to long green stems, turned their petals towards the warm sun. Hot pink, trumpet-shaped skyrockets sprung out from little bushes, which found places to grow inside the cleft of nearby rocks.

Yellow wallflower

Yellow wildflower

Hot pink trumpet flowers

Hot pink skyrockets

The most common flower on our hike was the Douglas phlox. These white, delicate blossoms, with their intense green, bush-like stems, grew in bunches and hugged the ground all along the trail.

White douglas phlox

White Douglas phlox



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Big Baldy Ridge, Part 2

Hiking the Big Baldy Ridge Trail

Hiking the Big Baldy Ridge Trail

This easy trail is only four miles long, round trip. It begins in the woods and slowly climbs up to Big Baldy’s exposed rocky ridge. The dirt path along the Big Baldy Ridge Trail winds its way in and out of a deep, green pine and fir forest, interchanging with wide open, rock-strewn spaces. The underbrush, as well as the rocky sections, are scattered with native mahogany-barked bushes such as chinquapin and manzanita. Large, gray boulders are interspersed throughout the entire route.

Lizard sunning himself on one of the boulders.

Lizard sunning himself on one of the boulders.

However, not all of the boulders are gray.

Yellow flowers scattered among the quartz rocks.

Yellow flowers scattered among the quartz rocks.

One of the most striking sights along the trail is a collection of large, pink quartz boulders, which sparkle like gems in the sunlight. These rose-colored rocks are smattered with white, black and yellow minerals, adding depth to their color. Vivid, yellow flowers with their lacy, pale green stems cover the hillside, filling in around the stones.

Thank you for reading “The Big Baldy Ridge Hike!” Stay tuned for tomorrow. I will be posting pictures of the nice variety of wildflowers, which grow along this trail!

Glenda Brehm

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Psalm 33:5


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