Backyard Birds: Eastern Phoebe

“…And he shall rise up at the voice of the bird…”

Ecclesiastes 12:4

My first summer back in Missouri after living in California for 11 years: Hot and Humid and Buggy!

That’s the downside.

The upside: Amazing Backyard Birds!

One in particular made a nest on the back porch at my temporary abode. It was absolutely FASCINATING! I watched her build the nest.  When her hatchlings appeared, I watched them grow. When the day came for them to fly, they flew away right in front of me!

I simply had to know what kind of birds these were.

I purchased a Birds of Missouri” Field Guide. Between it and the internet–which has video recordings of birds singing–I narrowed my new feathered friend down to an Eastern Phoebe.

I began to recognize her daily morning call: “Fee-Bee, Fee-Bee, Fee-Bee!”

And then she laid more eggs.

The new fledgings flew away yesterday, and I did not hear my Phoebe this morning.

I wonder, “Will she will return to her nest or is she gone for good?”


Glenda Brehm


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Dogwood Canyon, Part III

The Final Leg of our Bike Ride through Dogwood Canyon.



More Waterfalls…

Crossing the Arkansas Border…

Another Waterfall at the End of the Trail…g

Full of Golden Rainbow Trout!!!!

Seeing the Golden Rainbow Trout was a real treat for me! I’d never seen one before and was happily snapping picture after picture. The one on the left is my favorite photo of these beautiful fish.

God Bless!

Glenda Brehm


“…Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Matthew 4 :18

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The Path of the Monarch Butterfly

DSC_0091Lately, I’ve been reflecting upon the butterfly and the dramatic change that occurs during its very short life span—the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly—along with the migration of the Monarch Butterfly.

And comparing it to the change that will be occurring in my life—DSC_0068



We’re leaving California next month to build a home on some acreage in the Midwest, and I am VERY EXCITED about this change!!!  I will be closer to my family. I will also be near a wildlife wetlands refuge–New material to photograph and share! Yay!

DSC_0067Back to the butterfly.

The beginning of this month, my husband and I visited the Monarch Butterfly Grove, at Pismo Beach, California, where thousands of butterflies west of the Rockies migrate each winter, clinging to the leaves of the fragrant eucalyptus trees for warmth, food and protection. These butterflies are four generations removed from the ones who migrated here the year before. Yet, they know exactly where to go, guided by an Unseen Hand.

May that same Unseen Hand guide all of the changes along all our paths…

God Bless!

Glenda Brehm








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The Cat Haven Path

For something fun and different, my husband and I visited the Project Survival’s Cat Haven in Dunlap, California. This sanctuary for endangered wild cats is found in the foothills right before the entrance to Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks off the Hwy 180 entrance, near Fresno.


Watch out for Big Foot!



Immediately we were greeted with a sign and a bit of humor. BIGFOOT! Ha! Ha!

About the cats…

Jet was the newest addition to this haven for cats. He is a young leopard. I asked, “What about his spots?” The docent leading our tour replied, “He has spots.” I looked again and sure enough they were there. Faded blacks spots sprinkled his jet black coat.


Snow Leopard

This beautiful snow leopard doesn’t necessarily need to live in snow. Each animal has a built-in insulator that adapts to fluctuating temperatures. So, even despite the warm California foothills weather, they fit right in!

These two stunning jaguars are TWIN BROTHERS! When they saw our docent, they rushed to the edge of the cage to greet her! She explained that someone else had raised them, but they know her too. She is like the aunt that comes to visit every once in awhile and that is why they get so excited. Jaguars were once native to California.


Twin Jaguars















The white tiger, Diana, and the Bengal Tiger, Kong, are housed in separate compartments, and are intermittently let loose into a grassy area that houses a swimming pond. Tigers love to swim! And, they can swim great distances, too. In the wild, they are known to swim from island to island. Kong is a senior now and doesn’t swim very much. He spends most of his time sleeping.


Mountain Lion




Among many other cats that we saw were: a mountain lion, an Eurasian Lynx,  and of course, the King of the Beast!  For more information about Project Survival’s Cat Haven, visit their website at:


Eurasian Lynx


King of the Beast!

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The Dragonfly


This dragonfly picture was taken by my 12-year-old nephew from the front of his house.

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The Rhino

More pictures from the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. This time…their new rhinos!

Rhino 1




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In the Path of an Elephant

DSC_0158Last week, my husband and I drove over to new African Adventure exhibit at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo where this friendly elephant beckoned me to take her picture.


What a joy it was to snap photos of this playful packyderm as she delighted us with her trunk antics!

Elephant 1DSC_0156DSC_0157

These photos were taken at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo in Fresno, California. This elephant was recently transferred to this zoo from Riddle’s Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary in Arkansas.

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Proverbs 28:1

Female African Lion. Picture taken at African Adventure, Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Female African Lion.
Picture taken at African Adventure, Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

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Psalm 86:12

I just returned from Avila Beach, located on the central coast of California. Avila was simply teeming with wildlife! I took pictures of different species of birds, along with several water mammals. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be featuring these pictures as well as some from a guided hike my husband and I took to a lighthouse.

Bird in flight

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Psalm 11:1

Roadrunner taking a rest at Death Valley National Park.

Roadrunner taking a rest at Death Valley National Park.

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